news 6000 » "Proportional" copying mode – risk management in a new way (RoboForex)

"Proportional" copying mode – risk management in a new way (RoboForex)

We’re informing
you that CopyFX blog has published a new article. The new post
tells you about our new copying mode, “Proportional”, which was
implemented into CopyFX system not long time ago. The main feature
of this mode is the dynamic definition of the transaction volume
copied to the Investor’s account based on the ratio between the
funds on the Trader’s and the Investor’s accounts at the moment the
transaction is performed.

In the article, you can find more details about how the copying
mode functions, what type of Investors it is best for, and how to
use it effectively to decrease risks and increase profit. The full
text of the article is available on the page of CopyFX website:

Proportional copying mode –
risk management in a new way

If you’re not a participants of the system yet, open an account
right now and join CopyFX Traders and Investors:

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